Refer a friend and save

The referral program is exclusive for current customers of Alpha Finance. If you are more than satisfied with the deals and service that Alpha Finance has given you, then now is the time to share the love with your close friends and family with our referral program.

With every successful referral, your account will be credited with $250 as a thank you from the Alpha Finance team for helping expand our reach.

Qualifying for the program is easy. When your friend or relative sends in their pre-application form from the Alpha Finance website, make sure that they select “Family and Friends” as the source.

If your referral’s application was approved and they end up getting their own vehicle, that will be the time you get the $250 put into your account.

So, help out a friend today and have them send in their pre-application to Alpha Finance today!

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

* You must be a current Alpha Finance customer
* After your referral collects their vehicle, get in touch with your account manager to put the “referral bonus” into your account.
* It may take up to 14 days for your account to be credited upon vehicle pick up.

Referral Form

Referral Information