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Car Finance Sydney

Your car is much more than just a way for you to get from A to B. It’s a representation of your personality. It’s a symbol of your freedom to not be beholden to lifts from friends and waiting for public transport. Your first car is a rite of passage. The desire to upgrade that car as you move through life is a powerful one.

If, however, you have collected some bad credit so far in your life, you may feel like the dream of your own set of wheels is speeding away from you. Luckily that’s not true. For car finance in Sydney even if you have bad credit, talk to Alpha Finance who are located just 30 minutes from the CBD in Auburn. Alpha Car Finance won’t judge you and won’t chastise you for the few financial missteps which may have led you to them. They are the specialists in bad credit car finance in Sydney and they want to show you that almost anything is possible.

Bad Credit Used Car Finance Sydney

Bad credit marks can end up on your record for any number of reasons. Perhaps you had a bad breakup and you and your partner were unable to settle debts in joint names? Or maybe you lost your job or struggled with your health, so your bills just got on top of you? Whatever the reason, having bad credit doesn’t mean you have to drive around in a bad car.

Alpha Finance is willing to look past your bad credit and work with you personally to secure you the car you want or need. To apply for bad credit car finance in Sydney, Alpha Finance will look at more than just your credit score. When you default on a loan or bill and that default makes it to your credit report, it stays there for five years and is enough to make most lenders instantly pass on you as a potential customer. However, Alpha Finance will look more closely to see how many defaults you have and whether you have been diligent in paying them off. If you can show an improvement or a change in your situation, car finance may not be out of the question for you.

How to Finance a Car with Low Credit Score

Easy car finance with bad credit can be possible when you work with Alpha Finance. The first step is to apply online with Alpha Finance. This requires you to answer a few simple questions about the type of car you are interested in financing, whether you are looking at second-hand car financing, and details about your income, including supporting documents. If you have any questions at this stage you can call the Alpha Finance offices in Auburn for help with the application.

You will then search through the extensive range of hundreds of vehicles available from Alpha Finance. Choose from a compact and zippy Holden Barina or a practical and versatile Toyota SUV, as well as every size vehicle in between.

It’s as simple as that! You could be driving away in your new car in as little as 48 hours.

Things to Remember About Car Ownership

To help make sure your bad credit keeps improving and doesn’t continue to hold you back, Alpha Finance will also make sure you are able to manage all the responsibilities which come with a car. For example, it is important to remember that when you budget for your car repayments, you also need to consider running costs. This includes everything from fuel, oil and washer fluid, to regular scheduled maintenance and servicing. Regularly servicing a car can be a significant expense but will save you money in the long run by avoiding many problems which can come from worn or dirty parts. However, you will still need to be prepared for those unexpected expenses too, whether that’s a car accident, a flat tyre or a new part that’s needed during a service.

So if you’re worried that your bad credit is keeping you from securing car finance in Sydney, stop worrying and contact Alpha Finance now. You could be back on the road in just days.