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Wise Tips on Saving Money for Traveling

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“Money makes the world go round” is a statement that we can all agree to disagree. We spend on things that we do not need, and pay bills that we cannot run away from. We spend way too much on food, clothes, and shoes without even realizing it.

Traveling feeds your soul – it saves you from going insane due to the hustle and bustle in the city. But what if you do not have enough money for traveling because you are spending it all on everything that you are not supposed to? Fret not, as we have some tips here that would save you from overspending on things that you do not need and start saving for your travels.

• Cook More and Avoid Drive-Through

If you do not know how to cook, then it might be the time to learn. Taking food to go or buying from drive-through will put a dent to your savings. Food from restaurants is often expensive, not to mention unhealthy. Buying your own ingredients and cooking your own food is not only fun, but will save you tons of money as well.

• Find a room/housemate.

Renting a room or a house by yourself can be pretty expensive, so finding a friend that can help you with the expenses would be a big help. Also, your friend is probably nice enough to whip a sumptuous meal for you after you go home from work!

• Cut ties with your cable company.

You probably do not watch TV that much, do you? Eliminating the cable bills and opting to just stream through Hulu or Netflix will save you a lot of bucks. Plus, you have the option to watch whatever you want, whenever you want!

• Consider buying second hand stuff.

Do you really need a brand new couch, TV, or fridge? Knowing when to buy second hand stuff can actually save you a lot of bucks. You can search through EBay for second hand stuff for your house and car. Just make sure that what you are buying is still in good condition and reusable (you can talk to the first owner about this).

• Sell the stuff that you do not use anymore.

I am pretty sure that you have tons of stuff in your closet or in your attic that you do not use anymore. Host a garage sale and save up on those bucks! You’ll be surprised how many stuff you don’t use anymore.

• Try quitting your vices.

Believe it or not, your vices take up so much of your pay. Cigarettes and alcohol is definitely not cheap, so think about the bucks that you will be saving when you stop drinking and smoking. It’s good for your health, too!

• Lastly, learn to budget.

You should, of course, track your spending if you want to save money. List every single thing you’re spending on (yes, even that pack of gum that you bought) and see how much you’re spending in a day or a week. Seeing where your money goes makes you conscious of your spending habits, thus making you save more money.

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